Pilot Capless Wood

Pilot Capless Wooden Red ST
Pilot Capless Wooden Black ST
Pilot Capless Wooden Red ST

Pilot Capless Wood Fountain Pen

Having risen to the challenge of creating a retractable fountain pen, Pilot Namiki naturally decided to see if they could make a wooden version.  They could!

The mechanism and nib are exactly the same – effective and smooth.  However, the pen gives the added natural, tactile pleasure of wood.

Available in red or black birch wood, the Pilot Capless Wood has been treated to ensure it remains good to look at and hold.

The Pilot Capless Wood – high tech and tactility! Available in black & red birch wood. Free UK delivery or visit our shop on the High St. in Shrewsbury.

Pilot Capless Wood


Length (retracted): 141mm Length (extended): 138mm (The pen is shorter when the nib is extended because of the way the push button half-disappears into the top of the pen)

Diameter (barrel): 13mm Diameter (grip): 11mm

Weight: 31g (with converter, no ink)

Ink: Pilot Namiki cartridges, or bottled ink or Pilot Iroshizuku bottled inks using the supplied converter. All of these also available from Write Here.