Pilot Capless Seashore 2024 Limited Edition

Pilot Capless 2024 Limited Edition Seashore Closed
Pilot Capless 2024 Limited Edition Seashore Open
Pilot Capless 2024 Limited Edition Seashore Closed



Pilot Capless Seashore 2024 Limited Edition – coming in September.

Every year Pilot release a Limited Edition Capless, which is limited to the number of the year. With just 2024 of this model made, don’t miss the chance to own this beautiful pen.  Understandably, demand for this unique pen is huge and retailers do not know how many pens they will be allocated, so we ca’t take orders yet – we hope to know in August!

This year’s design “Seashore” features a pearlescent ombré patterned barrel in the shades of turquoise waters and glorious sandy beaches. This pattern will evoke the feeling of serenity and warmth of a tropical coastline. This year’s packaging is also one of note, with the gift box including a display stand for the pen featuring the same coastal pattern as the pen itself.

The Capless model is a classic in age, popularity and design. First released in the early 60’s the Capless, as the name suggests, does not have a cap. It instead has a click action mechanism which extends and retracts the nib flawlessly, with a protective cover keeping the nib from harm and to prevent it from drying out. A feature perfect for those who enjoy something a bit different or often misplace their caps.

The Pilot 18ct gold nib offers a superb writing experience, whichever nib size is your preference you will always find a soft, smooth write. Find out more about Pilot Capless Fountain Pens in our YouTube video below.

Nib - 18ct Gold Rhodium Plated - available in Fine, Medium and Broad. Length - 140mm Diameter - 13mm Weight 30g Retractable mechanism Gift box includes - Display stand, Converter and Ink Cartridge