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The Pilot Capless retractable fountain pen is a product rich in both history and performance. Its brilliant design and ingenious technology make it a pen for the new age. A larger size, durable metal body and attractive appointments make the Capless unmistakably unique. All are available with an 18 karat gold fine, medium or broad nib. Cartridge / Converter filling system, converter provided. We say: A really distinctive pen - their aren't too may retractable Fountain pens around. This one is tried and tested, having first emerged in 1964 to commemorate the Tokyo Olympics, and having developed continually since then. All Pilot Capless fountain pens have an 18k gold nib in Fine, Medium or Broad (the fine is very fine indeed). The nib is of the highest quality, and softer than we have come to expect from many European or American nibs. A joy to use!


Our thanks to Scrively for his review:


You can order Pilot Capless ( also know as Pilot Vanishing Point ) from our website today, with free UK delivery. You can also visit our specialist fountain pen shop in Shrewsbury and see the Pilot Capless in person. It's a fantastic, high quality, Japanese writing instrument. 

Details - Pilot Capless Fountain Pen Carbonesque

Length (retracted): 141mm
Length (extended): 138mm (The pen is shorter when the nib is extended because of the way the push button half-disappears into the top of the pen)

Diameter (barrel): 13mm
Diameter (grip): 11mm

Weight: 31g (with converter, no ink)

Ink: Pilot Namiki cartridges, or bottled ink or Pilot Iroshizuku bottled inks using the supplied converter. All of these also available from Write Here.