Pilot Capless Black Ice LE 2021

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Pilot Capless Black Ice LE 2021


Each year Pilot produce an edition, limited to the number of the year, of the Pilot Capless Pen.  This year’s version is the Pilot Capless Black Ice LE 2021, an icy blue fading through to a treacherous black.

The pen is a classic, featuring a click action to extend and retract the nib, an effective cover to prevent the ink drying out on the smooth 18ct gold nib.

White gift box, includes an ink cartridge and a converter.

Only 2021 pieces made: book your Pilot Capless Black Ice LE 2021 soon.

Details - Pilot Capless Fountain Pen

Carbonesque Length (retracted): 141mm Length

(extended): 138mm (The pen is shorter when the nib is extended because of the way the push button half-disappears into the top of the pen)

Diameter (barrel): 13mm Diameter (grip): 11mm Weight: 31g (with converter, no ink)

Ink: Pilot Namiki cartridges, or bottled ink or Pilot Iroshizuku bottled inks using the supplied converter.

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