PAB Martora Kolinsky Sable Brush

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These brushes are of the best quality sable hair, and are exquisitely balanced in the hand to provide effortless use. The extremely fine hair holds a lot of water, and the nature of the hair means that the brush retains its tip even when fully-loaded.

The finest of sable hair brushes, made from the tail-tips of Mustela Sibirica, also known as the Siberian Weasel, originating around the Tobolsky and Ussuri rivers in eastern Siberia. As these animals do not thrive in captivity, so they cannot be farmed; the tail-tip fur thus has to be 'harvested' from wild animals (Have no fear! the animal is unharmed - the hair grows back quickly), which means that these bristles are costly.

They are, however, worth the price. PAB Kolinsky sable brushes are exquisitely balanced in the hand, providing effortless pleasure to the artist, and the fine hair will hold a quantity of liquid without losing the shape of its extremely fine tip.


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