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The Tainan Pen Show is Taiwan's premier pen event, evidencing the growing strength of Taiwan in the mid and premium pen market...The OPUS 88 Tainan Limited edition celebrates this, with a blue body and transparent cap inscrbied "Tainan Pen Show 2019".

The OPUS 88 Tainan Limited Edition was created to celebrate this years show.  We have managed to obtain a very limited number of them.  I haven't seen it yet - they arrive on Tuesday, but it looks to me as if it is based on the OMAR.

In common with all of OPUS 88's pens, the OPUS 88 Tainan Limited Edition is a Japanese style eyedropper, a valve enabling the ink flow to be stopped completely or moderated - this prevents the problem of "burping" with less sophisticated eyedroppers.

A beautiful pen, the OPUS 88 Tainan Limited Edition looks gorgeous with a clear body and blue cap.

Filling System: Japanese style eyedropper with ink control valve. If based on the OMAR,


Weight: 33.8
Weight, Barrel 17.5
Weight, Cap 16.3

Length Closed 15.0cm
Length Open 13.8cm
Length Capped 18.2cm

Filling system: Eyedropper
Type: Japanese style - ink control valve.