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OPUS 88 Jazz - Solid Colour

The OPUS 88 Jazz - Solid Colour comes in five distinctive colours - Black, White, Red, Orange and Blue.  The second range of the Jazz model, they have bucked the trend of gradually increasing size of recent offerings from Opus 88.

Using their tried and trusted Japanese Eyedropper filling system, and featuring the reliable Jowo German nib, they will carry on writing long after their companions have given up thnaks to their 4mm in capacity: a Duracell amongst fountain pens.  

The new colours complement the classic shape of the OPUS 88 Jazz - Solid Colour, and they have thoughtfully included a transparent ink window so you can see when (finally) you need to refill.

An excellent pen that stands out from the crowd on both looks and performance.

OPUS 88 Jazz - Solid Colour


Open 13.5cm
Capped 15.2cm
Posted 17.6cm

Total (empty) 28.2g
Pen only 15.6g
Cap 12.6g