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OPUS 88 Fantasia Fountain Pen is an eyedropper pen from Taiwanese pan manufacturer OPUS 88.  It is a small pen, which features a screw cap which can be screwed onto the back of the pen for secure posting.

The OPUS 88 Fantasia Fountain Pen is an eyedropper - the barrel is filled directly.   It is made of translucent resin and ebonite.  The cap is ebonite with a metal finial engraved OPUS 88 FANTASIA and a ridge which engages with slots on the back of the pen to operate a cut off and flow regulation valve.  

It has a capacity of over 2 ml.

It comes in a range of colours and features a Number 5 Jowo nib.



Weight: 22 gm

Length capped: 117 mm

Length - pen only: 117 mm

Length posted:  144 mm