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The Opus 88 Demonstrator is a large fountain pen from this Taiwanese company. Dimensions are available in additional information.

The pen is a classic eyedropper demonstrator, made of alternating clear and cloudy translucent resin. The simple eydropper filling system enables ink capacity of nearly 4 ml, and features and effective valve whcih will either stop ink flow to the nib - useful when travelling - or allow adjustment of ink flow.  We've tried it, and it works.

The nib is a Jowo #6, and is available in fine, medium and broad, with a 1.5 stub due soon.

The Opus 88 Demonstrator fountain pen is a distinctive and striking pen, made to the highest quality standards. It features clear & frosted resin body, chrome accents and an ebonite piston. Included with the Opus 88 Demonstrator is a glass eyedropper to fill your pen with ink.


Opus 88 Demonstrator

Length Capped: 148 mm

Length Pen only: 136 mm

Diameter Body: 14.9 mm

Weight: 28 grm

Capacity:  3.7 ml