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The OPUS 88 Bela

On offer until the end of September

The OPUS 88 Bela is a substantial new pen from this Taiwanese company.  

Coming in two delightful resins, one predominantly blue, one red, it is a striking pen and large - 15cm long capped, weighing 34.5g.

As with all their pens, the OPUS 88 Bela is a Japanese style eyedropper.  The barrel is filled directly, and holds about 3ml of ink.  The Japanese bit refers to the shut off valve which will prevent unwanted ink leakage and give some control over flow.

The package is completed with an excellent Bock nib (with the exception of the 2.3 stub, which we've never persuaded to work satisfactory).

Overall, a great pen.

OPUS 88 Bela fountain pen


Total: 34.5g
Cap: 15.8g
Pen: 18.7

Capped 15.0cm
Pen: 14.6cm
Posted: 17.7cm