Onoto Magna Classic Vermeil fountain pen



The Onoto Magna Classic Vermeil fountain pen is a beautiful to look at, to handle, and to write with. At 96 grams, it has a significant presence, yet retains the superb balance that is typical of Onoto pens. As with all precious-metal writing instruments, we would not recommend trying to post the cap of this quality pen.

The cap and the barrel of this pen are made entirely of 23-carat gold-plated sterling silver, so whilst it is reminiscent of the original Onoto Classic, it is even more of a luxury writing instrument than its ancestor. The accompaniments are also gold-plated sterling silver, including the clip that features the Onoto cipher and chevrons that have been features of Onoto pens since their inception, together with the distinctive triple cap bands. The end of the barrel also features an unchased hood that has the limited edition number engraved into it.

The Onoto Magna Classic Vermeil fountain pen is engine chased in their distinctive barleycorn pattern, leaving smooth the cap hood and band, the section and end of the barrel, and a square panel on the barrel for the trademark “ONOTO the PEN” and “Made in England” wording – because everything about this pen is made in Britain.

The pen is a cartridge / converter development of the original 1937 Onoto Magna design, and there are thus the usual variety of nibs available on all Onoto Magna Classic pens including (of course) Onoto’s excellent 18 carat gold nib in Fine, Medium and Broad, but you have the option of replacing the standard nib with one to suit your hand and writing, because Onoto will hand-produce a nib that matches your specification.

This pen can also be supplied with a rollerball conversion kit in gold-plated sterling silver. This is in addition to the fountain pen nib, allowing to change your pen to a rollerball simply by unscrewing one tip from the barrel (as you would to replace the cartridge) and screwing in the other.

We at write Here are pleased to offer you the Onoto Magna Classic Vermeil fountain pen for sale online. Please tell us how you would like it made to fit your hand.


Note that the Onoto Magna Classic Vermeil fountain pen is limited to 250 exampls.

Sizes and Weights - Onoto Magna Classic Vermeil fountain pen

Length (closed): 139mm Length (pen only): 122mm

Diameter (cap, widest): 16mm Diameter (barrel): 13.5mm Diameter (section): 11mm

Weight (empty converter): 96g

Refills: Onoto converter (included), or standard European cartridges

Nib: Onoto Number 7 18 carat gold nib in Fine, Medium or Broad (as standard)


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