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Write Here are pleased to announce that we've found one more OMAS special edition pen at the back of our cupboard.

The serial number is 007 of 127 that were made.

The name's Ogiva... Omas Ogiva.

The OMAS Ogiva 2013 rollerball pen in Saft Green is a beautiful thing to behold. The celluloid is a deep olive green, but it has flecks and flakes of light green, yellow-green, dark green and threads of almost-black green that shimmer in the light in an ever-changing pattern as you move the pen. The process of Bond-ing these pieces of celluloid together, then milling them to produce the pen, took months of work. The saft green Ogiva features accoutrements in a beautiful rose gold, on the end of the section, the clip, around the cap - decorated with the Greek key motif that appeared on all the centenary pens - and the finial band, which marks the "un-screwable" bit that one removes to replace the refill.

The clip features the small roller that adorns so many Italian pens to ease slipping it into a silk jacket pocket.

We wouldn't recommend posting the cap while writing - it doesn't sit particularly happily, and the weight on the back tends to throw off the excellent balance of the pen. It also spoils the thrill of the shifting light patterns as you write - and this pen is licensed to thrill.

We truly wish you could see this pen for yourself - still photographs, or even video, cannot show its true beauty.

We have a reasonable stock of OMAS rollerball refills, but at a pinch, the pen will also take the matching Schmidt refills - provided they're shaken, not stirred.

The OMAS Ogiva Saft Green Celluloid rollerball can be sent to you by return of post. Diamonds may be for ever, but this pen is the last of its kind, and we're sure it won't be with us that long. You know you want it - and you only live twice!



[OK, OK, enough with the Double-O Seven jokes - the Editor.]

Dimensions - Omas Ogiva 2013 Saft Green Rollerball Pen

Length (pen): 127mm
Length (closed): 151mm
Length (posted): Not applicable This pen doesn't readily post.

Width (barrel): 13.5mm
Width (section mid-point): 10mm

Weight (complete): 23g
Weight (pen only): 15g
Weight (cap only): 8g

Ink: Omas P 8126 O rollerball refill