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This fantastic piece of art is born during a meeting between Raddaella Simoni Malaguti, daughter of Omas founder, and Alessandro Vezzosi, director of the "Mueseo Ideale Leonardo Da Vinci", who is a world leading expert on Da Vinci's work. In Leonardo sketches there were some drawings which have been conidered the rudiments of the current gountain pen. These drawings, even if with some crucial changes, lead to "Ingegno Scrittorio": 2002 Omas Limited Edition is a celebration of Italian Renaissance. The cylindrical body of the pen is topped by a small sphere adorned with a tiger's eye cabochon on the 18K gold version and a cornelian cabochon on the sterling silver version. The refined decoration on the body, top and end sections, are inspired by Da Vinci knots. The feeder is made with handcrafted ebonite.
Omas Pens are one of the great names in Italian pen manufacturer. Since 1926 they have made luxurious pens with Italian flair and style in Bologna.

There are three Icon ranges of Omas pens: the classic Arte Italiana, the elegant Bologna and the innovative 360. They also make peerless limited editions, including the William Shakespeare 450th Anniversary Limited Edition, created in association with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

Proud of their craftsmanship, Omas produce virtually everything on their premises.

Unfortunately, Omas ceased production in 2016. Stock is available whilst it lasts.