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Montegrappa NeroUno Fountain Pen

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This unique Montegrappa fountain pen is part of the NeroUno collection. The black resin body and cap feature a matte black finish with an octagonal cross-section that is an icon of Montegrappa that still looks modern even today. The removable cap can be posted on the end when you're writing to add a touch more weight and length to the pen.

The detailed clip (with the signature Montegrappa rolling ball end) complements the cap of the pen perfectly and is well designed to keep your pen safely in your pocket. Around the top of the cap you will see the Montegrappa name engraved in black to inform everybody you are using a Montegrappa original.

The medium sized nib is made of 18K gold and is soft and pleasurable to use.

This pen uses ink cartridges but can also be filled with ink bottles thanks to the converter inside.

A century of craftsmanship and the soul of an entire country come together in the design of Montegrappa NeroUno. The elegance of NeroUno lies in its minimalist simplicity, while the details echo the typical features of Montegrappa in a modern milieu: the clip with the small rotating sphere and the signature octagonal shape, emphasised by the distinctive cap top, combined with the innovative design of the 18K Gold nib.