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The Montegrappa Fortuna Rose Gold black ballpoint pen is a lovely, sleek-looking writing instrument with a deep, quality shine to the black-lacquer body. At 40grams, this pen is no lightweight ballpoint, and is chunkily solid to write with, and extremely well-balanced in the hand.

Fortuna was the Goddess of Fortune, the personification of luck according to the ancient Romans. Fortuna’s identity as the embodiment of chance events was closely tied to virtus, or strength of character. Public officials who lacked this quality invited ill-fortune on both themselves and Rome.

Montegrappa believe strongly that luck is indubitably linked to virtue, while education is the foundation onto which an individual develops and nurtures his or her innate talents. They also believe that hand-writing is an essential element of the education process and an indispensable function, even in today’s hurried, digitised society.

For these reasons, they created the Fortuna collection, with an eye to those who still indulge in the pleasure of writing. It is our wish that these pens will engender the good luck that they deserve.

The Montegrappa Fortuna Black Rose-Gold ballpoint pen has a twist action to extend the tip for writing, and features (as do so many pens and pencils of Italian design) a wheel on the clip to avoid damage to silk pockets.

Montegrappa, the first Italian manufacturer of writing instruments, opened in Bassano del Grappa in 1912. A century of superb craftsmanship has passed for this Italian brand known around the world for its Italian creativity and style.

Write Here is pleased to offer you the chance to purchase Montegrappa pens online, or in person from our shop on the High Street in Shrewsbury, in the UK.

Details - Montegrappa Fortuna Rose Gold Black Ballpoint Pen

Length (tip retracted): 136.5mm
Length (tip extended): 140mm

Diameter (top section, widest): 17mm
Diameter (body, widest): 12.5mm
Diameter (grip section): 10mm

Weight: 40g

Ink: Montegrappa IA00BBUC (black) or IA00BBUB (blue) refills.