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The Vittorio Martini MAT4+ is a modular writing system, offering a pressurised ballpoint, 5.6mm graphite pencil lead, 5.6mm Pastels and highlighters in a series of brightly coloured clutch type holders and the versatile Ice Cube sharpener / desk stand.

Colours available in the MAT4+ are Pastel Blue, Bright Yellow, Total Black, Natural Orange, Beyond Ocean, Red Pepper, Anthracite Venice Blue and Venice Red.

Comes with; Pressurized ballpoint pen, & changeable refills: n. 1 pc graphite, n. 1 pc coloured pastel, n. 1 pc highlighter. ICE CUBE: lead sharpener and MAT4 desk holder, in transparent perspex.  Refills are available for all.

The unique touch screen stylus / brush is available seperately.

Packaging: handmade dripped gift box in fine black cardboard.

Top box colour dripping matches with MAT4+ inside.

Pen Dimensions
Length 100mm
Diameter 15mm
Weight 30g


1 pc Pressurized ballpoint pen
1 pc Graphite,
1 pc Coloured pastel,
1 pc Highlighter

Packaging Dimensions: 215 x 90 x 35 mm