Manuscript Beginner’s Calligraphy 3 Nib Set

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This Manuscript Beginner’s Calligraphy Set includes

  • a cartridge pen
  • a black ink cartridge
  • 3 calligraphy nib sections (Fine [0.85mm], Medium [1.1mm], and 2B [1.6mm])
  • a cartridge converter to allow the use of bottled ink.

This set is ideal for those who are interested in trying out their calligraphic skills without a huge outlay of cash, and for those who occasionally have a need for fine writing on place cards or invitations and the like.

Whilst it is set up for right-handed people, left-handed sets are also available.

The Manuscript Pen Company descries itself as being ‘The Calligraphy Company’ but that is only part of the story. They declare a passion for all forms of writing, drawing and colouring. The company has been in existence since 1856, and as a result of an association with D. Leonardt & Co they have been at the forefront of pen nib manufacture and design. Now, over 150 years later they continue to strive to combine the traditional elements of writing with new and exciting craft products.

The name of D Leonardt & Co of Birmingham is one of great history. The company has been based at the Universal Pen Works, Birmingham, for well over a century, and an 1878 entry in Lloyd's List characterises them as

Manufacturers of all kinds of Pencil Cases, Steel Pens, Gold Pens, and Penholders. Makers of the Universal, Marcographic, and also Turkish Pens for Oriental writing. Grand Gold Medal, Moscow, 1872 ; Medal of merit, Vienna, 1873.

Leonardt are still producing both writing and calligraphic nibs, as evinced by this set from Manuscript.


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