Leonardo Pura



Leonardo Pura 

Based on the pleasing Momento Zero Grande, the Leonardo Pura is offered as a numbered but unlimited edition.  It comes in three new resins, Grey, Aqua Blue and Flame Orange

The resin has a satin finish, enhancing both its look and feel.  It is translucent rather than transparent – just enough to see the mechanism of the pen inside. It is carved from a single block of resin.  As with all Leonardos, there is a significant amount of hand worked detail and finish.

The Leonardo Pura is available in three options foi the appointments – ruthenium,gold and palladium.

A piston filler, it has a capacity of 1.5ml.  the No6 nibs match the finish, and are available in fivr grades, and in steel or 14ct gold at an extra £180.00.  A flexible nib – the Elastico, is available in gold only for a further £30.

The Leonardo Pura is presented in a gift box with warranty and 40ml ink bottle.

Leonardo Pura Fountain Pen

Pen Length Closed:151mm Pen Length Open: Cap Off; 135.5mm Pen Length Posted: 173mm Total Weight: 31g Feed Ebonite Filling Mechanism: Traditional Piston-Filling Mechanism Gift Boxed with a complimentary bottle of ink