Lamy Steel Nibs (Z50)

Z50 black
Z50 steel
Z50 black



The Z50 nib it will fit all Lamy steel nib pens. I was going to say it is the Volkswagen of the pen world, but it’s better, offering perfect function and total honesty about emissions. It is simplicity itself to fit, so if you have damaged a nib or simply want to try a different one, it is simply done. Even I can do it, as shown in the video below.

Place the pen on a soft but firm surface (a pad of paper, for instance), and using the pen’s cap, press down on the nib just in front of the feed and gently slide the old nib off. Slide the new nib on, ensuring that the grooves line up with the shoulders on the rubber feed.

Or just have a look at our video by following the link below.

Welcome to Lamy Lamy is an independent family business which was founded in 1930 by C. Josef Lamy in Heidelberg. The Lamy brand has been in existence since 1952 and demonstrated its powers of innovation in the very first year with its completely new LAMY 27 range of fountain pens. In 1966, the unmistakeable design language of Lamy – the Lamy design – was launched with the LAMY 2000. With an annual production of over 7 million pens and turnover of 90 million euros, Lamy today is not only the market leader in Germany but also one of the German designer brands whose products have achieved special status worldwide. They stay true to their Bauhaus principles - form follows function. Write Here is proud to be a Lamy Premium Retailer. We believe that Lamy occupy a unique position in the modern writing equipment world. From surprisingly inexpensive fountain pens to luxury writing instruments, they do the lot in an unmatched fashion. The Z50 fountain pen nib is one of the wonders of the modern fountain pen world.