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The Lamy Scala Violet Fountain Pen is a new Limited Edition in an attractive new colour.  NOW IN STOCK!

Lamy commissioned sieger design in 2012 to create a new pen for them.  The brief was to distil the idealised character of a pen and interpret it in a contemprary fashion, aimed at the upper middle price point - the result was the Scala.

As with all their pens, the Lamy Scala Violet Fountain Pen has an emphasis on on functionality combined with a simple, minimalist design.  The tapering barrel allows the cap to be removed and replaced without needing irritating snap on features  - it seats with a satisfying and secure click.  The solid chrome plated spring clip adds a touch of luxury, as does the the glossy chrome platedsection.  Made of high grade steel, the design enable the pen to be held at the optimum angle, allowing a highly satisfying haptic experience.

The  Lamy Scala Violet Fountain Pen combines luxury and functionality with a beautiful new colour.

There is a matching rollerball pen and ballpoint pen.

Dimensions - Lamy Scala Violet Fountain Pen

Length (pen): 132mm
Length (capped): 142mm
Length (posted): 168mm

Diameter (barrel): 11mm
Diameter (section mid-point): 10mm

Weight (complete): 39g
Weight (pen only): 23g
Weight (cap only): 16g

Ink: LAMY T10 cartridges or LAMY Z27 converter