Lamy Scala Brushed Steel Fountain Pen



Lamy Scala Brushed Steel Fountain Pen


The Scala Brushed Steel Fountain Pen was designed by Sieger Design, a German homeware company with a knack for producing minimalist concepts which nonetheless radiate personality and charm and is an absolute necessity when it comes to writing instruments.
Made of stainless steel with brushed finish and a high-gloss chrome-plated grip and clip, shipping worldwide and available in all Nib sizes: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Left Handed, Italic 1.1, Italic 1.5, Italic 1.9.
Compatible with the Lamy Z 28 converter.


Length (pen): 132mm Length (capped): 142mm Length (posted): 168mm

Diameter (barrel): 11mm Diameter (section mid-point): 10mm

Weight (complete): 39g Weight (pen only): 23g Weight (cap only): 16g

Ink: LAMY T10 cartridges or LAMY Z27 converter


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