Lamy Safari Cherry Blossom Fountain Pen


Lamy Safari Cherry Blossom Fountain Pen


LAMY have released two Special Edition colours ready for Summer 2024. Cherry Blossom showcases a soft pastel-like pink with a glossy finish for its cap and barrel. The grip, clip and finial is red. The safari is a classic in both design and popularity, even decades after its first launch in 1980.

The Safari features the usual ergonomically shaped grip section, sturdy ASB plastic with a strong spring action clip, Z50 stainless steel nib, engraved Lamy logo on barrel and the small window cut out to show the ink level of the cartridge.

The Safari is inexpensive and will certainly last any wear and tear. The easy to change nib allows the user to swap between extra fine, fine, medium, broad, italic and left handed nibs.

Comes with a free washable blue cartridge and presentation box. Can be used with a Z28 converter, sold separately, if bottled ink is preferred.

Length (closed) - 139mm

Length (posted) - 169mm

Diameter (barrel) - 12mm

Diameter (section) - 9mm (but note flatted portions for forefinger and thumb)

Weight (complete) - 19g

Ink - Lamy T10 cartridges or Z28 converter.