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Lamy pico Lx rosegold special edition

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The Lamy Pico Lx rosegold Special Edition is available NOW

Lamy pico Lx rosegold special edition is a brilliant, if temporary, addition to Lamy's lineup at the beginning of 2020.

The Lamy Pico is an enduringly popular ballpoint pen.  It's sophisticated push to open, push to close action makes it perfect for pocket or handbag - it's ready for action immediately.

Lx in the Lamy range mean luxury.  "Only products which have been upgraded from their standard versions, for example by coatings of precious metals or other particularly highquality finishes, can bear the Lx label," they explain. Previous Lx models have been the the Studio All Black and the Imporium Lx.

But the key difference with the Lamy pico Lx rosegold special edition is, of course, the finish in lustrous rosegold.- stylish and sophisticated.

After the LAMY studio Lx all black and the LAMY imporium Lx, the LAMY pico Lx rosegold is the third special edition to follow this principle. The three parts of the housing are made from highly polished metal and are given a tone-on-tone galvanised rose gold finish. The LAMY logo is discreetly matt. 

Lamy Pico Rosegold Special Edition

Weight 21.3gm
Length closed 9.4cm
Length Open 12.5cm

Gift Box
Leather Pouch