Lamy Joy Fountain Pen



Lamy Joy Fountain Pen

The Lamy Joy fountain pen is designed for comfortable calligraphy. It can be used as an introductory writing implement for those starting out in calligraphy, but is robust and useful enough to become a favoured pen of the experienced calligraphic expert.

Made of robust ABS plastic in a high-gloss black, and featuring a distinctive red clip, the Lamy Joy fountain pen features the superb Z50 nib, available in 1.1, 1.5 and 1.9mm sizes.

The LAMY Joy fountain pen is provided with the usual LAMY T10 cartridge in washable blue, but will take any other T10 cartridge, or can be fitted with the Z28 converter to use LAMY’s T52 bottled ink – or any other ink your imagination can envisage.

Write Here is proud to be a Lamy Premium Retailer. We believe that Lamy occupy a unique position in the modern writing equipment world, and can supply their products by return of post if you wish to buy online – or you can pop into our shop on the High Street in Shrewsbury ( UK ) and see the whole range.

Measurements - Lamy Joy Fountain Pen

Length (closed): 178mm Length (pen only): 168.5mm Length (posted): Not Applicable (This pen does not post comfortably)

Diameter (cap): 15mm Diameter (body [cross curves]): 12mm Diameter (body [cross flats]): 10.5mm Diameter (section): 10mm but note twin "flatted" grip sections

Weight (complete, with full T10): 18g Weight (pen only, with full T10): 10.5g Weight (cap): 7.5g

Refill: LAMY T10 cartridge - or - LAMY Z28 converter T52 bottled ink


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