Lamy Ideos Fountain Pen

Lamy Ideos Fountain Pen Capped
Lamy Ideos Cap
Lamy Ideos Fountain Pen Post
Lamy Ideos Fountain Pen Capped
Lamy Ideos Cap



Lamy Ideos – brand new Lamy design 2021

We’ve been waiting a long time but it’s finally here .Lamy Ideos fountain pen, made in Germany and available from Write Here Shrewsbury with free UK delivery.

The Ideos Fountain Pen is Lamy’s newest design, created by EOOS an Austrian company who also designed the Lamy Econ in 2011.

By combining the basic forms of triangle and circle, they have created a stylised teardrop shape, yet stayed true to the well known simple, yet modern Lamy design. This natural teardrop shape gives the writer a unique writing experience with its triangular grip section.  Another feature of the Ideos is the rectangular clip attached to the side of the cap. It matches the shape of the pen with it’s sharp edges and prevents all pens lovers having the panic of your beloved pen rolling off the table.

Beautiful design, brass housing refined with palladium and polished stainless steel clip. Fantastic addition to your fountain pen collection.

Lamy Ideos fountain pen comes with the stainless steel  LAMY Z 53 nib. The nib is available in a range of nib; extra fine, fine, medium and broad.

Lamy Ideos Fountain Pen
Capped- 14.3 cm
Pen only - 13 cm
Posted - 18.4 cm
Cartridge - Lamy T10
converter - Lamy Z27
Steel nib - Lamy Z53
Weight: 28g