Lamy Gold Nibs (Z55 / Z56 / Z57)




The LAMY Z55 gold nib is the luxury 14ct nib for LAMY’s luxury pens, including:

  • Accent brilliant
  • CP1
  • Dialog 3
  • Scala PianoBlack
  • Studio Palladium

and the Z56 and Z57 for the LAMY Imporium.

These are bi-colour nibs with the gold showing through on the tines. Note that there are two versions of the Imporium’s nib, depending on whether the pen is the Titanium/Platinum version (Z56), or it is one of the Black/Black or Black/Gold versions which have black/gold nibs (Z57).

The Z55/6/7 LAMY gold nibs are as easily replaceable as are the Z50 steel ones on the less expensive pens, as can be seen from the video below, but we would recommend using extra care when replacing a gold nib as they are much softer – and therefore easier to bend – than the steel nibs.

NOTE that these LAMY gold nibs DO NOT fit the 2000, which uses a different nib and feed section. In these pens, the feed has to be removed from the rear of the section before the nib can be replaced, so the 2000 will normally have to be returned to LAMY for nib replacement.

Note that if you use one of the less expensive pens, you too can enjoy a touch of luxury by replacing the Z50 steel nib of your pen with a Z55 LAMY gold nib, as many of LAMY’s fountain pen feeds have a common shape (with the above proviso about the 2000).

These LAMY gold nibs are available in Extra fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Oblique medium and Oblique broad.


To change a nib, take a small piece of clear sticky tape and place it across the top of the metal nib (ensuring the tape doesn’t also stick to the pen or the feed), then hold the pen firmly in your less-favoured hand (that is, your left hand if you’re right-handed). Place the forefinger of your other hand under the tip of the nib and your thumb on the tape, and gently slide the old nib off. Slide the new nib on (without using tape), ensuring that the grooves either side of the nib line up with the shoulders on the black plastic feed. This is best done with the feed upside-down. Or just have a look at our video by following the link below, which shows a slightly different way of doing it.

Lamy Gold Nibs

Z55, Z56 or Z57, available in
  • Extra Fine
  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Broad
  • Oblique Medium
  • Oblique Broad