Lamy Dialog 3 Palladium Fountain Pen




The Lamy Dialog 3 Palladium Fountain Pen is a twist action fountain pen, from famed Swiss designer Franco Clivio. It has a distinctive palladium finish – a silver gold metal that is as pleasing to the touch as the eye.

The centrepiece of all fountain pens is the nib, and this has the excellent Lamy bicolour gold nib – gold part platinum plated.  A twisting action of the barrel smoothly extends and retracts the nib – a functional and stylish way of putting the pen in play.

At over 47gm, it is one of Lamy’s heaviest pens (only the steel Lamy 2000 is heavier), but it is well balanced and a pleasure to use.  It is helped by the nib being oriented so the spring clip is always on the top of the pen, so does not affect the grip.

Using the convenient cartridge / converter system (the converter is supplied) it will use either bottled ink or the Lamy T10 cartridge.

A distinctive, functional and good looking pen that is a joy to use and own.

Dimensions  Weight: 47.18 gm Length (Closed) 14.7cm Length (Open) 15.7 cm