Lamy AL-Star Fountain Pen Azure



Lamy AL-Star Fountain Pen Azure.

This is luxury you can afford.  The Lamy AL-Star Fountain Pen Azure is a splendid writing instrument gives the writing experience of a open costing many times.

Using the convenient cartridge converter filling system, it will stay by your side to fulfill all your writing needs with the excellent Lamy Z50 nib in four widths.

It is a special edition, so will not be available once sold out.  For Lamy lovers, and any other pen user, the Lamy AL-Star Fountain Pen Azure is a must.


Length (pen only): 131mm Length (closed): 139mm Length (posted): 169mm

Diameter (barrel): 12mm Diameter (barrel, over flats): 10mm Diameter (section): 9.5mm - but note that the section has two flatted segments for forefinger and thumb;

Note that the following apply to the pen full, with a Z28 converter: Weight (complete): 22g Weight (pen): 13g Weight (cap): 9g

Ink: Lamy T10 Ink Cartridges (as supplied), or Z28 converter