LAMY AL-star EMR Fiery

LAMY AL-star EMR Fiery Section
LAMY AL-star EMR Fiery Closed
LAMY AL-star EMR Fiery Open
LAMY AL-star EMR Fiery Section
LAMY AL-star EMR Fiery Closed



LAMY AL-star EMR Fiery Digital Pen


The LAMY AL-star Fiery is an EMR stylus enables a high degree of writing performance and comfort suitable for a wide variety of applications. The Fiery resin is the same as their AL-Star Limited Edition which was released in March 2024. The accompanying colour released along side is (by no surprise to those in the know of Lamy) Aquatic, an icy blue body with a royal blue section.

The LAMY AL-star EMR achieves a writing experience that’s fluid while maintaining a high level of comfort. EMR (electro-magnetic resonance) allows electronic pens to operate without either cords or batteries.

Its housing is based of the popular LAMY AL-star rollerball – chosen because of its highly functional design and perfect ergonomics.

The pointer contact nibs are replaceable (Z107) and are able to detect in excess of 4096 pressure levels. This gives the writer a high degree of control, line width, speed and accuracy. Compatible with a wide variety of note books, tablets and smart phones.

A customizable short key is featured which can allow instant access to a configurable menu in the device. It’s easy to create digitized notes and sketches with the LAMY AL-star black EMR stylus when used with appropriate applications and programs. These applications include, graphics, planner entries, computer fonts, translations and keyword searches.

Length (closed) - 139mm

Length (posted) - 170mm

Diameter (barrel) - 12mm

Weight (complete) - 20g

Weight (cap) - 5g Includes 2 replacement nibs and tweezers to aid replacement


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