Lamy AL-Star Bronze Rollerball

The Lamy AL-Star Bronze Rollerball Special Edition – get it while you can as when the product run is sold out, that will be the end.

Using Lamy’s reliable and smooth M63 refill, and featuring the classic triangular grip, this is both a comfortable and practical writing instrument – as well as being a thing of beauty.

Lamy AL-Star Bronze Rollerball Special Edition - Dimensions

Length (pen only): 132mm
Length (closed): 139mm
Length (posted): 170mm

Diameter (barrel): 12mm
Diameter (barrel, over flats): 10mm
Diameter (section): 9.5mm - but note that the section has two flatted segments for forefinger and thumb;

Weight (complete): 20g
Weight (pen): 15g
Weight (cap): 5g

Ink: Lamy M63 Rollerball refill


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