Lamy AL-Star Bronze Fountain Pen Special Edition

Another sure fire winner from Lamy, the Lamy AL-Star Bronze Fountain Pen is another highly desirable Special Edition from Lamy. With the classic triangular grip and strong, lightweight aluminium construction you know that the Lamy AL-Star Bronze Fountain Pen will write perfectly.

The Bronze colour is just so attractive, as is the perfect complement – Bronze ink in the T52 50ml bottle, or T10 Cartridges.

Lamy AL-Star Bronze Fountain Pen Is Due for release 1st March but you can preorder it now.

Bronze ink will be arriving later today!!

Lamy AL-star Bronze Fountain Pen  - Dimensions Length (pen only): 131mm Length (closed): 139mm Length (posted): 169mm Diameter (barrel): 12mm Diameter (barrel, over flats): 10mm Diameter (section): 9.5mm - but note that the section has two flatted segments for forefinger and thumb; Note that these weights apply to the pen with a full T10 cartridge: Weight (complete): 22g Weight (pen): 12.5g Weight (cap): 9.5g Ink: Lamy T10 Ink Cartridges (as supplied), or Z28 converter Write Here is proud to be a Lamy Premium Retailer. We believe that Lamy occupy a unique position in the modern writing equipment world. From surprisingly inexpensive fountain pens to luxury writing instruments, they do the lot in an unmatched fashion.