Lamy Aion Steel Nibs (Z53)



The LAMY Z53 nib is a slightly different shape from the other LAMY steel nibs, as it was designed specifically for the LAMY Aion fountain pen. It is still interchangeable with the Z50, but is rather more responsive than its predecessor. Much less pressure is required with the Z53, and it is much more expressive and responsive to added pressure.

The LAMY Z53 nibs are available in Extra fine, Fine, Medium and Broad, but note that Fine costs a little more, and Extra fine a little more again.


As with most LAMY nibs (the exception being the LAMY 2000), these nibs can be changed by anyone with a little care. Take a small piece (about 1.5cm / &frac12″) of clear sticky tape and adhere it to the nib, making sure not to stick it to the pen itself, or to the feed. Hold the pen in your left hand (if you’re right-handed) and place your right fore-finger under the tip of the nib and your thumb on the sticky tape. Then gently ease the nib off – LAMY nibs are simply push fitted to the feeds.
To fit the new nib, turn it and the the feed upside down; you will see that the nib has two ‘wings’ that fit into slots on the underside of the feed. Gently ease the nib onto these two slots, and push it firmly home. You will probably need to dip the nib (or otherwise damp it) to get it started, but that is the process completed.

Or just have a look at our video by following the link below, which shows a slightly different way of doing the same thing:

Lamy Aion Steel Nibs (Z53)

The Z53 is for the LAMY Aion but can be fitted to any pens that accept the Z50.

Lamy Z53 nibs are available in

  • Extra fine
  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Broad