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The Lamy Aion Rollerball Pen - The closed cap construction gives a true sense of solidity to this attractive rollerball pen.  Staying true to Lamy's Bauhaus tradition, the Lamy Aion Rollerball pen is unmistakable modern.

The Lamy Aion Rollerball pen uses the M63 refill for capped rollerball pens.

Designed by Jasper Morrison, famed British Designer, it is one of the tidiest pens to emerge from the tidiest of German pen manufacturers, Lamy. 

Also available as a Fountain Pen and Ballpoint
Designed by Jasper Morrison, British Industrial Designer, the Lamy Aion Rollerball is a refreshing new take on the trusty rollerball. It's an exciting new design, looking good and feeling perfectly weighted in the hand.