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Each Lamy Aion Ballpoint Pen - in Olive Silver or Black - is turned from a solid aluminium bar. The Lamy Aion Ballpoint Pen is a striking and modern design.  Lamy's logo is proudly shown on the side of the sprung clip.  It is a twist-action pen; twist the matt-finish grip to extend the tip.

The Lamy Aion Ballpoint Pen uses the versatile and long lasting M16 refill.

Jasper Morrison, famed British Designer, created it.  It is one of the tidiest pens to emerge from the tidiest of German pen manufacturers, Lamy. 

Also available as a Fountain Pen and Rollerball.

We at Write Here are pleased to be premium Lamy suppliers in the UK, with a full range of their pens available to buy online, or from our shop on the High Street in Shrewsbury, UK.


A note on replacing refills in these pens:
To get at the refill, you need to twist the grip beyond the point at which the tip is retracted, then pull and twist the satin-finish part of the barrel away from the matt-finish grip. This will reveal the inner workings. You will note that these are in two finishes - a more matt finish section nearest the business end of the pen, and a polished upper section. Unscrew this polished part, and you will find the refill.
Reverse the procedure to re-assemble the pen, making sure to push the satin-finish outer barrel onto the grip firmly.

Dimensions: Lamy Aion Ballpoint Pen

Length (tip extended): 143.5mm

Diameter (barrel): 12mm
Diameter (grip): 11mm

Weight: 31g

Refill: LAMY M16 in black or blue.