Lamy 2000 Blackwood Ballpoint Pen

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Lamy 2000 Blackwood Ballpoint Pen

The LAMY 2000 Blackwood ballpoint pen is one of two rather more exotic versions of the 2000 ballpoint that LAMY have produced, the other being yew. The Blackwood 2000 ballpoint has a body made from the wood of the African Blackwood also known as Grenadilla, a dense, fine-grained wood that will take a superb polish to give a very smooth surface.

And a smooth surface it is, too. The LAMY 2000 Blackwood ballpoint pen is a delight to hold, and the surface of the body is so smooth it’s difficult to realise that it is indeed wood. The wood is also heavy because of its density – when combined with the brushed palladium fittings, this version of the 2000 ballpoint is almost twice as heavy as the Makrolon version.

The LAMY 2000 series has been described as a “timeless classic”, and the use of Grenadilla in the LAMY 2000 Blackwood ballpoint pen highlights this timelessness – but do not think that, because of its 50-year-old original design, this is an old-fashioned writing implement. LAMY’s philosophy is one of innovative improvement, and the internal workings of this pen are such that what you get is as up-to-date as almost any comparable ballpoint available on the market today.

The LAMY 2000 Blackwood ballpoint pen has a click-action, and takes the LAMY M16 giant ballpoint refills.

Length (tip extended): 139mm

Diameter (barrel, widest): 12mm

Diameter (grip): 9mm

Weight: 35g

Ink: LAMY M16 giant ballpoint refill


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