Lamy 2000 4 Colour Multi-Pen

To show.. can... done!
Lamy 2000 Black 4-Colours Multipen
To show.. can... done!

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Lamy 2000 4-Colour Multi-Pen

If ever you get bored of putting down one pen and picking up another just to write in a different colour, the the LAMY 2000 Multi-Pen ballpoint is the pen for you!  As the name suggests you have the option of four colours, red, black, blue and green.

Made in Germany, with all the reliability connotations that we have come to expect, the LAMY 2000 4-colour multi-pen is perhaps the most unusual of the writing instruments in the illustrious 2000 family. The LAMY 2000 design is now over 50 years old, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at, or holding, this pen.

Made of Macrolon, a light but very tough fibreglass, the LAMY 2000 multi-pen has a brushed finish that also extends to the steel section, clip and knock – except for the tip of the knock, which is polished. LAMY’s culture of constant innovation means that the 2000 series are as modern today as other comparable pens – and surely squeezing four refills into an existing pen body is a sign of pure innovation!

While some pen aficionados may not take a multi-pen seriously, this is indeed a serious writing implement. It sits comfortably in the hand, and the only tricky bit is selecting the colour you want. This is done by turning the colour ring at the top of the pen – tricky at first, but simple once you know how!

Length (tip extended) - 139mm Diameter (barrel, widest) - 12mm Diameter (grip) - 9mm Weight - 21g Ink - LAMY M21 mini-ballpoint refills


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