Kaweco Sport Piston Filler Fountain Pen




Kaweco Sport Piston Filler Fountain Pen


Kaweco have been making pens since 1883.  Whilst the cartridge /converter pens are popular today there have been many different filling systems for fountain pens.  In fact, the cartridge converter system is a relative newcomer to the world of fountain pens.  Second favourite is the piston mechanism, which enables ink to be drawn directly from the bottle into the ink chamber, making ink cartridges unnecessary.

Given the frantic pace of life today, the piston filler offers the chance to slow down and take a reflective, nay meditative , couple of moments as the time honoured ritual of filling it fills your consciousness: a piston filler the opportunity to slow down and experience the world from a different perspective. Filling using bottled ink soon becomes a ritual and an essential part of the enjoyable writing experience frequent writers love.

The Kaweco Sport Piston Filler is one of the smallest available in relation to size and ink volume, due to its clever compact mechanism.   A transparent ink window (allows you to monitor the ink level at all times. If the ink runs out, the piston filler can be refilled quickly and easily thanks to the exceptionally smooth-running refill mechanism. This filling system also gives owners a vast choice of inks, as many ink colours are only sold in bottles.  The matte, anodised surface of the robust aluminium body is highly durable and gives the pen an enjoyable feel. The perfect balance between the weight and diameter of the fountain pen also ensures comfort during long periods of writing. The matte surface contrasts perfectly with the shiny golden elements (and another one!) which enhance the functionality with stylish elegance.

The Kaweco Sport Piston Filler will be available either as a ready-to-use Starter Set, complete with a 32ml bottle of Royal Blue ink, or on its own – please select Solo

Length Closed:  10.6cm Length Open:  10.0 cm Length Posted: 13.4 cm