Fine Writing Fenestro Aurora



Fine Writing International Fenestro Aurora

The Fine Writing Fenestro Aurora is another fascinating and impressive pen from the Taiwanese statioers and boutique makers.

The colours are inspired by the Northern Lights, and capture the swirling greens and blues of this magnificent natural spectacle.

The Fine Writing International Fenestro Aurora come with the option of three different filling systems.  If your priority is ink capacity, it is a fully funcioning eyedropper.  For convenience is will take a standard cartridge, either long or short.  Finally, it comes with a converter for the best of both worlds!

The barrel of the pen has an ink window so, whatever filling sytem you choose, you can check when you are running low.

Finally, the pen comes with a range of excellent Jowo German nibs.

A splendid choice for these long winter evenings.

Weight: 22gms

Length: 150mm

Diameter: 13.5mm