Esterbrook Estie Oversize



Esterbrook Estie Oversize

For lovers of a big pen, this is the one for you.

The Esterbrook Estie Oversize is a big pen, weighing in at 34g and a mighty 18.5cm long posted.  But it’s uncluttered, clean lines and perfect balance make it a pleasure to look at and to use.  The finish is superb, and there are plentiful choices of nibs.  Nothing distracts you from its pure lines other than the clip and a discrete “Esterbrook”engraved at the base of the cap.

It is a cartridge/converter pen.  The connector is reassuringly solid brass, holding section, barrel and converter firmly in place.  The cap is sprung, giving a pleasing feeling when capping and uncapping the pen – not to mention ensuring that the nib does’t dry out.

The Esterbrook Estie Oversize offers qualities to match its size!

Esterbrook Estie Oversize


Length closed 15.5cm
Pen only 13.7cm
Posted 18.5cm

Total 34g
Cap 11.5g
Pen Only 22.5g