Esterbrook Estie Oversize Diamondcast



Esterbrook Estie Oversize Diamondcast

The Esterbrook Estie oversize is a classic American design, made with a stunning new material from Mackenzie Penworks.  It incorporates fragments of dimaonds in the resin mix to give an intense and luxurious sparkle to the pen.

It is offered in two stunning resins:  The Rocky Top and Peacock.

The Rocky top celebrates the the border of Tennessee and North Carolina, The Appalcachian Trail crosses Thunderhead Mountain. The Rocky Top is on the western part of the summit, the destination for hikers and inspiration for the pen.  Tennessee orange daisies dot the landscape and the rocks glisten in stripes of gold, silver and orange ochres. T

The Peacock  is renowned no more than in Indian art.  Lord Krshna himself was adorned with peacock’s feathers.  Their place in Indian folklore is assured, and  illustrations of the god of war, Shiva,is often with the peacock – a sign of strength. The peacock symbolized wisdom, royalty and power and it still does today, as the national bird of India.

The pen features a cushion cap design giving an airtight seal to prevent the nib drying out, as well as a pleasing experience when capping and uncapping the pen.

Esterbrook Estie Oversize Diamondcast Dimensions Length closed 15.5cm Pen only 13.7cm Posted 18.5cm Weight: Total 34g Cap 11.5g Pen Only 22.5g