Endless Recorder Squares

Endless Recorder Squares
Endless Recorder Squares
Endless Recorder Squares



Endless Recorder Squares

Endless have created a physical equivalentto the greatest canvas – your mind. A canvas waiting for you to express your ideas, veiws and concerns.

Offering the very best  in the increasingly competitve world of premium notebooks, the Endless Recorder Squares is a fine product.

Using only the finest materials, the team at Endless have chosen to use the slightly heavier 68 gsm Tomoe River Paper – probably the most desired paper in the world. It combine lightness, smoothness and unmatched performance with all writing instruments.  The 68g version is even less prone to see through – both sides may be used with confidence.

18 of ther 192 pages are perforated for easy removal if you want to leave a note. It offers capacity and convenience, as you can use both sides.. Each is supplied with a cotton carrying pouch. The specification is in line with other premium notebooks, and the quality is stunning.

Every Recorder Sqares Notebook has a fine leatherette cover with rounded corners, complete with an elastic enclosure and two page markers.

Once you’ve tried the Endless Recorder, you’ll be back – again and again.

Endless Recorder Squares

68gsm Tomoe River Paper

192 Pages

16 perforated sheets

Page markers

A5 Hard Cover

Dotted, Ruled, Squared, Blank

Cotton Pouch

Elastic closure