Diamine Calligraphy Inks



Diamine Calligraphy Inks

Diamine Calligraphy ink is for use with brushes or dipping pens – not fountain pens, which will be clogged up. Diamine calligraphy ink comes in an range of vibrant colours that can be mixed to produce a much wider variety of shades. They are water soluble, so you can soften the intensity of colour by mixing them with water, which will also clean your pen or brush while the ink is still wet.

With 22 vibrant colours, including Gold and Silver, Diamine calligraphy inks will enable you to bring colour and style to your writing.

We can usually fulfil on-line orders on the same day provided you send your requirements before 3.00pm, UK time.

Diamine Calligraphy Inks are sold in 30ml bottles. They are suitable for use by Vegans.


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