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There is an old joke about everything being bigger in the United States. Whether that refers to other aspects of life is up to your personal judgement, but it certainly doesn't apply to the Conklin Minigraph fountain pen family, made in the United States - at least while the pen is closed. This is a luxury writing implement in a small package.

With the cap in place, the Minigraph is only 10cm in length - under 4 inches - so it will fit in just about any pocket or handbag compartment without being obtrusive. However, this little pen has a big trick up its sleeve (or, perhaps, under its cap) because when the cap is posted, the overall length increases to around 128mm (just over 5 inches), a good length to be held comfortably while writing.

The Conklin Minigraph fountain pen takes international standard cartridges, and is produced with the Cushion Point nib, available in Fine, Medium and Broad.