Ayush Paper A4 Pad

Ayush A4 Paper



Ayush Paper A4 Pad

The best A4 pad fountain pen users can buy.

They are available in Plain, Line, Dot and Grid rulings.  Securely and conveniently wire bound at the top, the 50 pages are perforated so they can be easily and tidily removed if required.

So far, so competent.  But what really sets this paper apart is it’s response to being written on.  Ayush Paper A4 Pad is designed to be written on with fountain pens, but excels with ballpoints, rolllerbals, pencils, gel pen – just about everything we’ve tried.

You’ll love the paper. With no feathering or bleeding, minimal see through (yes, you really can use both sides), a natural shade of paper – not so white it chouts at you – greaqt for inks that shade and sheen with a moderate drying time, it has everything a fountain pen user could wish for.

50 sheets

100 sides of High quality

100gsm paper

Wire/spiral Bound

Perforated top