Aurora Fountain Pen Ink



Aurora Fountain Pen Ink


With a near Henry Fordist approach to colour choice, Aurora produce ink in only Black, Blue/Black and Blue. This is ink with pedigree – and always behaves well!  All are water based inks, but have good lubrication and saturation.

The Black is a deep black with great opacity and, in out experience, greatly valued by those need to keep notes and refer back to them years later.

The Blue is a classic, bright  mid blue, and will give some shading.

The Blue Black also give some interesting shading.

A perfect range of inks for the serious user.

Glass Bottle 45ml Width - 3.7 cm Length - 8 cm Carefully shrink wrapped and with a plastic stopper under the cap. (Which must be removed before use. A hint: pierce the stopper before removing it - it's a bit of a struggle and potentially messy)  


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