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Having established itself as a specialist for office, school and handicraft supplies, Clairefontaine has been making paper from its mill based in France since 1858. Their fantastic range of stationery products have been on the market since 1890.

If you’re looking where to buy Clairefontaine paper, Write Here has an extensive stock of their best writing paper, fountain friendly paper and many more products for you to browse either online or in our store on Shrewsbury’s High Street.

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Clairefontaine paper: Made in france

Clairefontaine paper is ideal for artists and anyone who takes writing seriously. If you’re into painting, drawing or sketching and can regularly be found with a fountain pen or mechanical pencil in your hand, Clairefontaine notebooks and writing paper will transform your craft.

Clairefontaine paper is particularly great for fountain pen enthusiasts, because the quality of the paper greatly enhances the experience of using a fountain pen. If you’re yet to glide your pen across a piece of paper made by the French masters, or across a Clairefontaine graph notebook, you haven’t truly experienced the joy of writing on quality paper.

Clairefontaine products we stock:

Clairefontaine Aquarelle Cardinal Watercolour Pads

Oozing the quality developed by the paper manufacturer since 1897, these are watercolour papers that demonstrate their expertise. Glued on one side, the pads are 300g/m2 (140lb) and come available in pads of A5, A4 and A3, all featuring 10 sheets each.

Clairefontaine Acrylic Pads

Available in both A4 and A3 sizes, the Clairefontaine acrylic pads feature some of the best acid-free heavyweight paper money can buy. Rolled and with a medium-fine texture, these feature 10 sheets each, and are 360g/m2 (165lb).

Clairefontaine Oil Pads

These oil pads come in both A4 and A3 sizes, and feature 10 sheets each. Coming in at 240g/m2 (110lb), they’re also glued on one side and completely acid-free. Clairefontaine GraF it Sketch Pads There are few better ways to get ideas down than on these sketch pads, which come in A6, A5 and A4 sizes.

They’re stapled on one side and also feature a foldable cover. At 90g/m2 (41lb) and with a smooth texture, they’re the perfect addition to any collection.

Clairefontaine Cray'ON Pads

Available in A4 and A5, these Cray’ON pads are acid-free and flues on one side. Featuring 30 sheets in each pad, they’re 160g/m2 (75lb).

Clairefontaine Paint'ON Pads

Combining a legacy of paper making since 1897 and modern manufacturing techniques, these 250g/m2 (115lb) pads are unbleached and feature either 30 or 40 sheets each. Available in sizes A5 and A4.

Clairefontaine Manga Paper

Available exclusively in B4 size, this paper is perfect for manga work. The sketch paper for storyboards is 55 g/m2 and features 100 sheets, while the Manga & Comics paper features a Layout format, and is 200g/m2.

Why buy from Write Here?

Since we opened our doors in 2004, we’ve supplied Clairefontaine paper UK enthusiasts flock from all over the country to buy, and that’s for one very simple reason. The team at Write Here love the art of writing with quality instruments and paper just as much as our customers. And, over the years, we’ve built a vast array of knowledge about every manufacturer and product we sell. You can shop to your heart’s content online and order Clairefontaine paper conveniently from this website, but you’re also more than welcome to visit us on Shrewsbury’s High Street to meet the team and ask any questions you might have about this fantastic paper and our many other products.