Lamy Safari Ballpoint Pen Strawberry

£10.50 excluding VAT - £8.75

The Lamy Safari Ballpoint Pen Strawberry is one of the most pleasant and economical ways of getting a line own on a sheet of paper.  Ergonomically perfect with its triangular grip, solid construction and that marvellous Strawberry colour it practical and enjoyable.

This is backed up with the outrageously long lasting M16 cartridge, which gives up to 8 kilometres writing.

Lamy Safari Ballpoint Pen - Dimensions Length (pen only): 138mm Length (closed): N/A Length (posted): N/A Diameter (barrel): 12mm Diameter (barrel, over flats): N/A Diameter (section): 9.5mm - but note that the section has two flatted segments for forefinger and thumb; Weight (complete): 13g Weight (pen): 13g Weight (cap): N/A Ink: Lamy T10 Ink Cartridges (as supplied), or Z28 converter Write Here is proud to be a Lamy Premium Retailer. We believe that Lamy occupy a unique position in the modern writing equipment world. From surprisingly inexpensive fountain pens to luxury writing instruments, they do the lot in an unmatched fashion.