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The SCRIBO Feel fountain pen is the first production pen from new Bologna pen specialists, Scrittura Bolognese. We are delighted to continue our close relationship with them by offering the SCRIBO Feel fountain pen for pre order. We are understand production models will be available by the end of November

The SCRIBO Feel is an elegant new fountain pen.  It is available in Blue Black, with rhodium appointments, or Grey Blue, with dark Ruthenium appointments. 

The barrel and cap are gently curved, giving a sensuous appearance.  The barrel and section feature a dodecahedral faceted design - 12 faces.  The nib is built to the identical specification to the OMAS OM81 - a soft and rewarding 18ct nib and the outstanding 14ct Extra Flessible nib, generally accepted as the best modern flex nib.  

The pen comes with an attractive cotton and leather pouch to keep you SCRIBO Feel safe.


SCRIBO Feel Fountain Pen

Diameter Body: 17 mm

Weight: 36.5 grm

Ink Capacity:1,42 ml