Sailor PG Midnight Sky Regular


Sailor PG Midnight Sky Regular

A brand new range of Sailor Special Edition fountain pens based on Japansese classic, the Pillow Book. What’s interesting is that the book was originally meant to be a private journal/notes of the authors life at the Japanese imperial court. The author, Sei Shōnagon was not only a poat but also a court lady who served Empress Teishi (Sadako) during the middle Heian period. Colours of the Sailor Midnight Sky are based on those invoked in passages in the book.

The Sailor PG Midnight Sky Regular is a mid sized pen featuring the excellent 21ct nib in no fewer than 8 grades. It uses the convenient cartridge / converter filling system and is made of a sumptuous deep blue resin.

Reflecting the quality found throughout the range, the Sailor PG Midnight Sky Regular is a beautiful and collectable fountain pen that also makes a perfect and practical everyday carry. Made in Japan and available from Write Here in Shrewsbury. Free and fast UK delivery.

Sailor PG Midnight Sky Regular Fountain Pen

Dimensions Length (pen only): 116mm Length (capped): 129mm Length (posted): 150mm Diameter (cap): 17mm Diameter (body): 14mm Diameter (section): 11mm Weight (complete, empty): 18g Weight (pen, empty): 9.5g Weight (cap): 8.5g Refills: Sailor Convertor (included) with bottled ink, or Sailor Cartridges Made in Japan.