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This variant of the Homo Sapiens range has been discontinued by Visconti.

The Visconti Homo Sapiens Chiantishire (or, more prosaically, "Red Wine County"?), is a new edition to the well-known family of reliable, good-looking and luxurious Visconti pens of this name, bringing the Homo Sapiens range up-to-date.

The Chiantishire abandons the dark colours that have characterised the Homo Sapiens family in its earlier ages, and in these special-edition pens, Visconti have moved Homo Sapiens on from from the age of fire and bronze to the age of sunshine and the fruit of vine. Instead of the black basalt lava of the earlier Homo Sapiens editions, Visconti have created the bodies of these pens in a wine-red, gold and transparent lacquer that produces a deliciously-rippled demonstrator.

The cap, section and piston knob are in the same wine-red lacquer, but in this case marbled with white; this latter colour is carried over into the enamelling of the trade-mark Ponte Vecchio Visconti clip, which in the Chiantishire is made of sterling silver. The other metal trim is also of sterling silver, with additional palladium plating on the mid-band, the trim around the piston knob, and the two finial caps.

The rumour is that the "Chiantishire" name is a subtle dig on Visconti's part about the "Counties" British who so love to holiday in the Chianti wine-producing region, but surely we also can enjoy their little joke?


The Homo Sapiens Chiantishire is available only as a fountain pen or as an eco-rollerball, and Visconti will be producing only 888 of each.